We are very happy to present our speakers 

Dan Pfaff

Internationally experienced and recognized educator/coach with forty-five years of multifaceted
work. Background in directorships of international training centers, coaching staff development, Division I intercollegiate track and field as a head coach, as well as numerous assistant coaching and teaching positions. Extensive experience as a lecturer and curriculum designer for international, national, regional, state and community level sports theory symposia and schools. Highly qualified leader with demonstrated abilities in integrated support team management, coach and support staff development/mentoring, and community relations. Actively involved with
consulting services to a number of professional teams, support staffs and individual athletes in a variety of sports both domestically and internationally. Internationally recognized as a high performance center director having served domestically and internationally.

Goran Obradović

Goran is the president of the board of experts at Athletic Federation Of Serbia.

His first coaching successes have been with his jumping team Stevan Zorić high jump, Đorđe Niketić high jump, Marko Milinkov long jump, Feđa Kamasi pole vault, who were participators in
most of the major athletic competitions during the 90-ties.

In 2005 he created the first multi event team in Serbia with his colleague Feđa Kamasi. This team has produced lots of decathletes, and some of them become known worldwide.

Goran Obradović achieved his greatest results with Ivana Španović, a long jumper. Since 2013, they have won 11 major medals.

Håkan Andersson

Håkan Andersson has been coaching for more than thirty years, has served as national team coach for the Swedish national team and personal coach to some of Sweden's must successful sprint runners in the last three decades.

He is presently employed by The High-Performance Center in Växjö Sweden as an advisor and lecturer in speed and strength related matters and also is responsible for their testing lab facility.

Has also served as coach and advisor on elite and Olympic level in many other sports including Swimming, Speed skating, Boxing, Ice Hockey, Football, Basketball to name a few.

He is a requested lecturer in Sweden but has also been invited to speak internationally in Norway, Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Italy, Estonia, Canada, England, Scotland, Qatar and the US.

Yannick Tregaro

1999 Yannick started to coach the 2004 Olympic Champion in triple jump, Christian Olsson. Yannick was twenty-two years old and Christian was nineteen years old. At the same time Yannick ended his own high jump carrier, Yannick best results was in high jump 2.17 and tenth in WJC in Sydney 1996. During the years 2001-2006 the team Yannick and Christian had a very successful carrier with several international championship's medals between 2001-2006.

The training group grew and among other athletes in the group was indoor world record holder in High Jump Kajsa Bergqvist, high jumper Emma Green who both took several international championships medals.

In Yannick's training group today is long jumper Thobias Montler.

Anders Möller
Anders is a former Danish triple  jumper with several  participation in international championships.
From 2018 Anders is employed by Swedish Athletic and Karlstad city as performance director of all jumps.

Anders Borgström

Anders has been involved in Swedish Athletics in soon fifty (50) years! His best signum is perhaps to be very well prepared for his job. Another keynote is to help other coaches and there is a lot of youngster coaches who Anders bas been or still functioned as mentor. After such a long a long period of service in athletics its impressive to see that Anders still is curios to learn more and have a lot of energy to involve in new challenges!
Some short notes:
1971  - 1998 national coach for javelin
1984 - 1988 Head coach and sports director Swedish Athletics
1992 - 2010 Headmaster Athletic Sport School in Karlstad

Anders has also been engaged as a lecturer in biomechanics at Karlstad University but also in coachingconferences during a lot of year in Sweden. Since 1989 he is also legitimized as "Official IAAF lecturer" with a lot of missions in more than ten different countries a round the world.

Michel Tornéus
Michel finished his carrier during the Swedish Championships in Karlstad September 1st 2019.
During his long carrier as a long jumper he can summon up with ten years in a row as a eight meters jumper from the the first 2009. 
During his twenty international championships he won the European Indoors once, took two other second places. In the world indoor he was third in Sopot 2014. Outdoors Michel got one second and one third podium places in Europeans.
Michel nation records are 8,44.